Boat Tours

Our boat is designed to accomodate 17+ persons with 380Hp and exclusive Design for Party with built in Sound System and Gopro Hero 4 Camera.

Parasailing 1 Person - Single $60

Get lifted!
This is the best way to see the scenery.look down on the beaches and other beautiful landscapes-Reaching way up high,with only you and your thoughts.
You will absolutely love the breathtaking view ....

Parasailing 2 Persons - Double $90

Like to chat?
This is a great way to share your flying experience with a friend. You will both be able to point out the sites,rather than just taking it all in by if you want a flying partner, this is your package.

Parasailing 3 Persons - Triple $120

All good things comes in threes. For the people that delve into this crazy feat,rest assured that an experienced captain is exactly what you want and it's exactly what we provide. The kids will enjoy this option and no more has to be left out. One more person to enjoy the flight with.

Add. guest on boat $25

For the humble spectators who want to share the experience! Getting out on the water feels great no matter what-even if you are just down in the boat, watching the parasailers. Come enjoy the ride!

Camera Service $35

Take home a SD Card with Digital Pictures of your Bavaro Parasail Ride.

Video Service $35

Take home a SD Card with Digital Video of your Bavaro Parasail Ride.

Our convenient location at Playa Bavaro

Free transport from the beach with our taxi boat to the parasailing boat are included in the price.

Our expert instructors & tuition & well-equipped boat

Our captain will welcome you aboard and explain the rules and regulations of parasailing.

Our beautiful parasailing area at Playa Bavaro

The stretch of the Beach Playa bavaro in the small fishing village of El cortecito is really a Dream. Fine coral Sands,Crystal clear Waters.

What are your options for making reservations?

You may call + 1 (829) 323 64 23 - or book online.

Location and Parasailing Area: Bavaro Beach

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